Bastl Tea Kick (click misbehavior/problem)

Hello, i have a v 1.1 of tea kick.

the click is supposed to not be heared if you patch the “click output”, for example, to nothing (just to eliminate, i don’t like it, it’s annoying)…
at least that’s what the bastl support told me…

yet in my module the click is always present at the main output of the kick , except at the square output… no click there, thx god…

bastl support suggested me to cut a track (at my own risk of course, i asked them on purpose some drastic solutions) to remove from any other output forever the click… yet it didnt work… everything works the same… im wondering what the track i did cut was doing then :D

any suggestion from the community?

here the attached schematic… (from bastl… it says v.1.0 but bastl guy used it for talking about 1.1)
in pink you can se where he suggested to cut the track safely since there is no other tracks around there, between two jack sockets.
i did cut quite a lot, scratching, digging, engraving that part :frowning: … not sure how much should i do, but im quite sure that track is cut…

The schematic shows switched jacks, where the impact out is connected to the main output if nothing is plugged in, or not if something is plugged in. Presumably the cut trace is that one from the tip switch heading for the main output. I’d think that would work, but there is the fact that if that trace is cut, then that point is floating. As such there might be unpredictable behavior. I’d think instead of cutting it’d be better if that trace were connected to ground. Which might not be trivial.

But maybe you could unsolder R11 and use its pad (the one connecting to IC2 pin 5) to solder a wire to ground.

Another possibility: You describe it as a “click”; it’s labeled “impact” here so presumably is meant to yield a sound like that of a beater hitting a kick drum head, which I would not describe as a “click”. More a “thud”. With the impact tone knob all the way counterclockwise it’s low pass filtered by R26 and C22(?) (come on, make your schematics legible, Bastl!) with a cutoff of about 159 Hz. Seems like that ought to put you more in thud territory than click, but after verifying those two components have the specified values you could try substituting either a larger capacitor or a larger resistor to lower the filter cutoff. Maybe the sound would then be less annoying and more welcome.

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thanks, ill look into it tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

the sound is really a click (on the module panel is called click also :slight_smile: ) and its filtering doesn’t help… actually the filter (click tone knob) seems almost not working at all when listening to the main output with the kick… i can hear a small change only at the “click output”

i think is c21 near that r26

how much should i change either c21 or r26. r26 is 10k. should i try with 20k or 50 k or more?)

i wonder now that i cut that trace what happened?.. sure i cannot restore it… the module seems to work as before anyway

Here’s the v1.1 schematics, by the way

I don’t see any difference in the impact output area though.

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i’m waiting now for another response from bastl support… if they have no solutions ill try your options :slight_smile:

so after i sent some audio demo they cannot really help especially because they don’t have anymore a tea kick with them to try and test and understand.
They propose to send to them mine to give it a check, but i wonder it will cost me money (shipping back and forward i can pay of course)… i once asked doepfer if they can fix a socket of their module and answer they could do it for astronomical money per hour…
I don’t know what is worth… ill wait for Bastl to tell me a price…

anyway the only solution among the ones you wrote, seems the cutting of the leg of the resistor r11 and connect it to the ground… I’m not sure I’m good enough at soldering to be able to do it… to solder directly to the soldered pin of ground behind the ribbon socket… i could do a mess :stuck_out_tongue:

other solutions i don’t think are good because in any case the Knob which is filtering/attenuating the click doesn’t affect at all the click sound at the main output. It only affects the click at the Click(only)output.

something is wrong with mine… maybe something is not soldered correctly… i try to look at it but im not that expert…
in descriptions online and bastl itself said that the click should disappear from main out when “click output” is patched or at least the click should be attenuated by its knob… nothing of this happen in my module :frowning:

should i try maybe to give a bit of soldering on the pin that seems lacking tin?