Bastl - Ciao - Which jacks are for which outputs?

Hey…I’m hoping someone who is more knowledgeable with schematics can look at the Bastl Ciao schematics and tell me which jacks in the schematics correspond to which jacks on the front panel? I’ve tried to follow the lines and I am not entirely certain that I have it correct. I’m mainly confused about the 4 jacks labeled: A LEFT, B LEFT, A RIGHT, B RIGHT

The other thing I guess I should also ask is which side is the “MIX A” switch routed to on the board and which is “MIX B” routed to? Meaning, when the switch is flipped to “MIX A” does that correspond to the label on the schematic called “IN_2_L_U” and “IN_2_R_U” ??

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I just don’t want to have to redo this panel again because I got it wrong.

Here is a link to the manual that explains what each of the jacks does and has a photo of the front panel:

Here is a link to the schematic:

A LEFT, B LEFT, A RIGHT, B RIGHT are inputs, left and right stereo for two channels A and B. They are the ones on the left of the schematic.

A ST OUT is a line level stereo output jack (TRS) for channel A. It’s “LINE_ST” in the lower center of the schem.

B BAL OUT are line level stereo balanced outputs for channel B. One is confusingly labeled SYM_OUT_L_A and the other is SYM_OUT_R_B in the schem.

The jack wearing headphones is a stereo headphone jack, switchable between channels A and B. HP in the schem.

The MIX_A switch just mixes channel A equally into channel B (near the inputs, after the attenuators), so you get an A+B mix on the B outputs (and the headphones output if switched to B).

Yes, inputs is what I meant to say. Thanks :slight_smile:

On the DPDT switches one is for the headphone mix and the other is to mix A+B together. On the headphone switch can you tell me if INV_R_2 (pin 6) and INV_L_2 (pin 3) correspond to MIX A or MIX B? I’m trying to add a label on the panel as “A” and “B” so I know what I’m listening to when I flip the switch. I think INV_R_2 and INV_L_2 are for MIX B and INV_R_1 and INV_L_1 are for MIX A. Is that right?

Similar question for the other switch. Is IN_2_R_U and IN_2_L_U connected to MIX B? On the official panel they list it as “A to B.” I would like to list it the same but I want for the “A” position to be on top.

Thanks for the help with this. I’m so close to being done with this. This is the last thing I need to sort out.

IN_2_R_U and IN_2_L_U identify the wipers of the Channel A pots. They connect to one side of the mix switch, which connects to the switch center in the “A to B” position. The other side connects to nothing and is connected to the switch center in the other (“B”) position.

On the headphones, 1 and 2 refer to channels A and B respectively. So your guess was backwards.

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Thank you, thank you! That’s why I asked. I wasn’t sure and I really didn’t want to have to redo the panels twice :slight_smile:

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