AI006 Stomp Adapter Schematic Help

So I got the idea to build a Stomp Adapter from AI Synthesis’ - Schematic that is available for the AI006 from another member here in the Forum.

I am curious if anyone is willing to take a look at my Strip Board Layout to see if it matches correctly with the Schematic!

I am having a bit of confusion with the To Synth portion of the schematic… I know… ridiculous… it looks like the easiest bit… but simple things always become beyond over complicated in my head… lol.

So I want to make sure that I have everything connected correctly before I am brave enough to consider my layout Verified!

I believe the POUT from the FX Pot connects to the BOUT coming from Pin 6 on the IC, but I am super confused by the schematic!

I will post all of my pics below, and thanks for checking it out!!

Here is what I am confused on (and probably more… I may have completely wired the Pots wrong… hence this post haha.)

Another thing I want to be sure of… H1 (Pot 1) and H2 (Pot 2) are Pot 1 = SYNTH and Pot 2 = FX correct??

Thanks again to anyone and everyone who takes a look!!


Was just playing around in Fritzing for the first time. This is obviously amateur hour, but here’s what I came up with and I believe the wiring is correct. You seem to have the “From Synth” jack wired to the post FX pot, which isn’t correct. It should be going to the input attenuator.

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I think I got er!!
I had the wiring all sorts of mess up.

I am grounding every jack and such to the board since I am not using metal panels and my case is wood. lol

Still not 100% positive tho.

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I think you gout the output to the 1K from pin 6 going to the synth attenuators rather than the output attenuator now :slight_smile:

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Oh, and pin one on the IC shouldn’t be connected to anything.

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Oops, see the cut pad now. NM

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haha Whoops!
I forgot to move that when I switched everything around before!

How bout now?

To Synths Ground is well, simply a ground lol, ill probably move that to a ground rail, it just happens to say PGND on the schematic.

Its moments like this that i wish Fritzing didn’t make my computer work so hard.

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Looks pretty good to me! Let us know how the build goes

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I got StripboardCAD for my iPad, so I figured giving this another go would be a good way to try it out. BTW, I noticed that the original schematic has an incorrect value for the positive voltage input resistor.


that is WAY cleaner than mine, lol
Although, the reason mine is laid out that way is to allow the board to be mounted to the 2 attenuators, as to remove the need for any kind of L bracket.
However, I am totally going to build one off of this as well :smiley:

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Turns out, this is a pretty straight copy of a CGS module and the original schematic is way easier to read—to my eyes anyway. There are no attenuators shown, but they’re straight forward to add.
I should probably find something else to focus on now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Hi Christian, on your stripboard lay out legend, you state that there are 12 trace cuts. on the diagram I can only see 10. If there are 12 can you show where they are please. I really appreciate the work you put into this.


Hey Sketchie -

The other 2 cuts you are looking for are right under these 2 Resistors.


Also - for anyone doing this - follow Christians Stripboard Layout.

Not Mine!!

Mine works but something is wonky and at the moment do not have time to diagnose what the issue is. (Seems like I get no to extremely low output with my layout)

I am going to build Christians layout instead.

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thank you! :+1:

I had been scratching my head over this, now you’ve pointed it out it’s obvious :crazy_face: Doh!

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Not obvious, really. They’re pretty obscured.

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not visually but electrically the resistors would have little or no effect :+1:(shorted between legs through copper strip) :wink:

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hello, i try to make this build, i’m not shure but i think there a mistake on the stripboard Christian , the output of the tlo71 is pin 6 and on yours you put in pin 5 the 1k and the pot for output.
tell me if i’m wrong

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