8-Step Arduino Sequencer

The LMNC version uses an external clock, so there’s no need for the sequencer to have a clock output. The same clock that drives the sequencer can drive the envelope generator. It does have a gate output for each stage, and a gate output for the keyboard buttons.


no, the 2 channels send CV , for the Env G you need a trigger or a gate signal


You can use one channel to trigger an EG, just turn all the pots all the way up and you have gates. But better to have an output for your internal clock (or an input for an external clock).


with the basic version without step switch, I think the result could look more like a drone :slightly_smiling_face:


Good evening i just build the arduino sequencer and i got some problems my sequence doesnt want to start and the led is blinking

If someone ever have this problem tell me please how to fix it :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your answer components are not the problem. It’s a solder problem i think because i’m a beginner in all this stuff of diy synth and electronic. So i gonna try to fix this thanks

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Welcome @Vinth! Work through the wiki and test all your wiring. Grounds are very important. Sing out if you still have questions.


At the moment I’m going back to old modules, and I thought it was the right time to improve the sequencer with the good modifications of @analogoutput

I have 2 questions, first on the schematic I do not see the Button 1 on the Arduino (only from 2 to 8)

and also in order to avoid desoldering some wires, is it possible to change in the code just a few pin numbers ?

That’s because, if you think about it, button 1 and the reset switch do the same thing. To free up a pin for the rotary switch I connected button 1 to the reset pin.

Sure. In fact I messed up my wiring order when I made mine and just switched the pin numbers in the code to reflect that. It’s all in the definitions near the top, you shouldn’t have to modify anything in the loop.

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thanks a lot, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

in the schem Rotary = A7 and Bouton 7 = A0

but in the code is reversed ?

#define STEP1 2 // D2
#define STEP2 3 // D3
#define STEP3 4 // D4
#define STEP4 5 // D5
#define STEP5 6 // D6
#define STEP6 7 // D7
#define STEP7 8 // D8
#define STEP8 9 // D9
#define RESET 10 // D10
#define ZERO 11 // D11
#define FORW 12 // D12
#define BACK 13 // D13
#define ROTARY 14 // A0; read as analog
#define BUTTON1 10 // D10; same as RESET (same action)
#define BUTTON2 15 // A1; read as digital
#define BUTTON3 16 // A2; read as digital
#define BUTTON4 17 // A3; read as digital
#define BUTTON5 18 // A4; read as digital
#define BUTTON6 19 // A5; read as digital
#define BUTTON7 A6 // A6; must be read as analog
#define BUTTON8 A7 // A7; must be read as analog

or i missing something ?

Looks like I made the schematic show the way I ended up wiring it while the stripboard layout and the posted code have it the way I intended. I’ll revise the schematic. Also will fix some errors in the README.

… Okay. I think I finally have everything consistent.

… And fixed one more problem. OK now? I hope?


thank you for the updated link to the stripboard
and to prevent, the pins of the Step on the Arduino do not also match with the schem.


The Step pins should match, I changed them along with the button pins.

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@analogoutput plz keep me informed when you update the schematic, thanks

King @HAGIWO just dropped this bad boy: DIY eurorack modular synth $7 6CH gate sequencer with SSD1306 OLED and arduino / for drum machine - YouTube


I made some place on the panel for the rotary switch bank select.



i drill 2 new hole and cut a little piece of aluminium, with black paint to hide the old hole.

I also put the select Forward Backward swith instead of the Forward Backward Step momentary switch (to tune each step the keyboard do already the job).

I wait for 1K resistors for rotary swith to finish it.


@analogoutput, I am currently doing an article on my website on the new version that I just finished and which is working well !!!

I’ll put the link to your site and the GitHub for the schematic.
But it bothers me a little because the schem is allways not updated with the good rotary & buttons pin’s numbers.
Can you do it soon please.


I don’t know what you’re referring to, what’s not updated? Which document(s) and what specific things in those documents?