3x3 MIDI merger with filtering etc

This is not my project, the original was created by Sandy Sims, I just asked her for the code and adapted it for an Arduino Mega.

It has 10 presets to store your own configurations and can filter messages such as CC, pgm and clock from inputs. It can also create complex 3 way splits on one input to different outputs. All programmable from the display and buttons.


I’m setting up an experiment using espNow for wireless midi. @craigyb , in your opinion would this merge unit be worth porting to one of the esp32?

You need UART interfaces, the Teensy 4.1 has 8, the mega 2560 has 3, so I don’t know how many you have available.

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I was hoping I could use just an esp32 but that’s only 3 UART.
Ok, I might either have a look at the STM32F413/F423 which has 10 x USART and 5 x SPI or try linking two or more esp32 via SPI to access additional UART. Which, even as I type sounds a faff.
Thanks Craig, I need to go off and finish the design for my studio rack and then determine exactly what I need. I have about 10 days of placement (putting everything in it’s place) then power, audio, control (mostly midi). It’s all on the pile!

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