3D printed finger wrench for Jacks/pots

Whipped this up today. Been meaning to do it for awhile and kept forgetting. Little finger wrench that’s 10mm on one side and 12mm on the other so it fits jack sockets and potentiometers (at least the ones I’ve been using.)

Files are up on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4639948

And PrusaPrinters: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/44788-12mm10mm-finger-wrench

My print was on my fastest lowest quality settings…so it’s not much to look at…but it’s dimensionally accurate enough to work just fine. Used it to tighten all the nuts on the Steiner VCF peeking out in the background of the photo :wink:

(and now I get to use it to take them all back off.)


Nice! Added to the Tools folder =D the knurl reminds me of something from fallout.

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Fluffing ace! Note I did need to ream out the hole a little for the larger nut. Used prusa slicer and ender 3 pro.


Glad to hear you like it!

I’m still using both the SLA and FDM ones I originally made constantly :smiley: I figured better a little tight since you can always remove a bit of material (and they’ll wear over time) so tried to err in that direction.

The SLA one I like because it’s so stiff - but…it’s hard on my fingers the ribs are so sharp! The FDM one is a lot more enjoyable to use - but if I’m trying to remove a really tight nut the SLA does give me better grip.


So…opened a new pack of jacks from Tayda…and apparently they have a slightly larger nut than the last several bags I got. My wrenches don’t fit :frowning: They still fit the nuts on older jacks and the open frame jacks I use on my 3D printed panels…but this last batch…no go.

So that may explain why @Vumnoo had to ream it out. I may have to make a new version for these jacks.

These latest ones are 12.5mm, while the older ones and what I sized this wrench for were 12mm - .5mm difference according to my cheapo harbor freight calipers (but with a fresh battery!)

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While you’re redoing it…
Make the other end fit the switch nuts, please :slight_smile:

Uploaded a 2nd version with 12.5mm and 8mm ends. Fits the larger jack nuts and should fit most switch nuts!

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Thank you !
Will be printed tomorrow…

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Mine is printing now. I suggest printing with the small side down if you don’t use supports. My first attempt I had the 12.5mm side down…and…there wasn’t quite enough surface for good bed adhesion:

It works…but the 8mm side is hopeless :rofl:


I already discovered that when printing the first one :slight_smile:

Thanks @juggle!
Brims folks! Print with a brim!

I hate brims…unless I absolutely have to use them. The smaller side has enough surface area…and turning on supports adds enough it sticks fine for me. I was just rushing that first one and didn’t think it through :smiley:

I made a whole set of these (5-14) with bigger holes through the middle so you can use them for chunky footswitches and the like. Files on PrusaPrinters - like and download :stuck_out_tongue: