#2700 twin t drums

twin t’inspired by the practical electronics rhythm generator still needs a bit of fine tuning but I recon 3 weeks!!! keyboard sequencer is nearly done swell as the big mumma delay! PS ignore those preset potentiometers! meant to be the type in the other modules poking through the front but did not have the right values for this specific proto. !! this one definitely needs the whole thing doing with polyester capacitors or similar thats for sure.


Oh wow! This makes me very happy to see so soon.


it makes me think that there may be errors on the stripboard version that you put on your site, look here


aaah yeah that isnt a mistake its just a reality of the strip board. because both the bongo and noise get put together then the noise bleeds into the bongo unless its plugged into a mixer. ill put it on that page too

the stripboard layout stops before the signals get merged. it is just triggers in and separate outputs no mixing done on the layout


The orientation of transistor 7805 seems to me upside down, no ?

EDIT : i see it in the other thread :slight_smile:

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ooooh coool :slight_smile: [fill to 20]

Now this is just begging for a beatstep pro; I’ve been putting it off for ages seeing as I only had a few drum modules. Ahh well, might just have to…


GAS is growing!
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