What to-do of an old tuner?

I got this old tuner coming with an old-school hifi amplifier.
It’s really nice looking, but I don’t need a tuner (who does nowadays?)

The components seem to be quite high quality.

I am short of ideas rn. What would you do out of it?

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I’d give it to someone who can use it as it is! It’s too nice to cannibalize or to hack unless it retains its full appearance.


Yup, it’s really nice, and I want to keep the appearance that way.
I was wondering how to reuse de VUmeters and the big frequency panel

I saw something like this once where the guy had put a raspberry pi in it and used the tuning knob to “tune into” different playlists of his own. The Pi was also set up for remote access so that those playlists could be changed. Seems like a good project that wouldn’t have to be a permanent modification.

I personally use my big old tuner to listen to the radio. There’s some good shows on the local community station.


yeah I’ll have to agree with analogoutput on this one . don’t mess with it , these are great for the “shop” sound system hook a couple speakers to it and with the aux. input you can plug just about anything into it .
REUSE , REPURPOSE , RECYCLE . reuse is first on the list and easiest .


It’s a tuner, not a receiver, so can’t do that… but yeah, I’d not mess with it.


With his friend the amp it can do it :slight_smile:

(assuming the amp has an integrated preamp…)

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Some time ago there were little fm transmitters which you could connect to your MP3 player (via 3.5mm) and then tune your car radio to the frequency and you had your MP3 player integrated to your old car hifi! Crazy times! XD maybe you could use something like that with your modular, so you can have a cool radio-tune-in-and-tune-out effect? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes I have one of these sitting around. One day I plan to make a multi room sound system with a few FM radios.


This is a very nice tuner, if it still works i think personally i wouldn’t take it apart just yet. This might still be worth something to someone who still listens to the radio. If you can sell it for 30 bucks or so you could get probably get more usable parts.
I took apart a lot of radios and generally, it’s not really worth it. I did take out a lot of capacitors though, if you feel like a lot of desoldering :slight_smile:

You could also use it as a way oversized but very fancy noise source? :grin:

If you really want to take it apart:

You can re-use VU meters but you would have to calibrate them.
0VU (0db) would be about 1.2 volt signal across a 600ohm load.
I guess it only applies if you want to use it with commercial equipment, you could just calibrate the meter to the clipping point of the particular thing that you made yourself or something.
Led VU meters will probably be easier, although analog meters do look very cool.

Check out this link on how to do it.

I’m not sure how this specific tuner does the tuning but usually it’s 2 options:

Often in older radios and tuners, the frequency knob works with a piece of string attached to the knob, which turns the indicator and several potentiometers and variable capacitors at the same time. It can be tedious to fix and often, the strings and springs don’t last. The variable capacitors are generally not suitable for audio.

If it has ICs, they are usually specific to radio tuners and also not of much use for audio, except maybe some opamps or tone control ICs.

The case looks killer though, if you can make a front panel for it, or find a way to use the existing one.


Having just quickly googled the price, sell it, and buy something useful :slight_smile: