SSI 2130/2131 VCO ICs

Can Vref come from a voltage divider on V+, or does it need to have its own regulator?

I think something like an LM4040 is best :slight_smile:

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something new has arrived, if you’d like to dip your toe into developing your own module or standalone synth with the 2130 this might be just the ticket.

people have already adapted these evaluation boards to make their own modules, the basic circuitry is already there, they would need a few other parts depending on what sort of levels the rest of your system is expecting etc.

The pcb is just the right size for a 3u 20HP module, so you might have some extra space to play with for some extra features in Kosmo format :slight_smile:


Loads of info over here: Updated SSI2130 VCO Datasheet available... - MOD WIGGLER, some people have built some working modules around this chip now, including the TZFM.