Simulation (Falstad, etc..)

Hey all,

I have been doing/drawing some Falstad simulation of few circuits I wanted to understand a bit better.

(NB: these design are not mine, I just recreated some of them using Falstad)

I thought it could be useful for others to put them all somewhere (I couldn’t find a similar kind of topic) so anyone could have a play with it or use it as a starting point for designing something different.

808 Kick (taken from @EddyBergman webpage: Eddy Synthesizer Build part-46: 808 KICK for EURORACK. (Juanito Moore circuit).)

MS-20 style VCF filter (LM13700 OTA)

40106 type VCO (based on @moritzklein design)

BitCrusher (J113 style)

VCF Diode ladder style Resonant Folding


Steiner-Parker VCF

I’ll update the list when I’ll have some more.



I added Falstad simulations to quite a few of the articles on my website. Here are a few:

Thomas Henry VCO555 by Fabian Kempe

The Gristleizer

YuSynth 555 LFO with Sync


This is great work! Soo cool.

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