Op-amp cheatsheet

I made this purely for my own use; it’s by no means complete, but I thought that folks here might benefit.

I use it to help figure out other people’s designs.


Yesss awesome Very much what i was looking for

see there it seems it really does amplify the line it receive with his supply .
i often heard that a relay or a transistor amplify a signal in fact they just let pass a complete other line than the control one. Op amps is doing different very interesting thx for the drawings with formulas :slight_smile:

Transistors can be used as amplifiers, as well as using them as switches.

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Ok I will get on the theory of that right away i didnt know that thanks

I saw a Op amp configuration ruler on a wish AD. But couldn’t find a good one for sale. So I have been working on a Basic Op amp configuration PCB Ruler.


How would i go about using one to make an audio amplifier to bring things up to synthesizer level?

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Maybe the last/right part of this schem can help you.