HELP with Midi pinout in a Schematic

Hi guys i need help. I read a schematic and the midi pins are indicated. Here’s an example.

So, now the confusing, how around is it meant? I have a picture here where I look at the socket from behind, just like I would solder it on. Is that correct or the other way around?

By the way, I’m really sad today, first of all my dog ​​is not doing well and secondly I built 2 versions of the Midi Thru Box and both don’t work, that pisses me off!

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Many Thanks! If I only connect one input and one output socket, it should actually work, right? Or am I missing something? I also left out the part with the 7805 and connected a USB socket instead, 5v also come to the IC and the optocoupler.

@Dud , @Jos , @Caustic @Caustic do you see a mistake there? Here is the whole website again.

I was also surprised that there was no GND for the midi socket at the input. That’s definitely not right, is it?

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Sorry to hear about the pup, hope they feel better soon.
I don’t see anything wrong with the scheme.

Handy guide to wiring MIDI

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Yes it should work. And you can test all outputs. The midi data should arrive on the same channel on all of them.

The schematic looks sound to me. You could add an LED and series resistor to ground from pin 2 of the hex inverter. In that way you can see when there is midi data going to/through the device. I’ve built 2 of these devices on a vero board. They are particularly useful if you have a few one channel midi devices, like most mono synths are. You can then give each one a channel and use only one midi port on your midi interface.

I power mine via USB (black cable in picture) and added a USB connector to be able to chain them (left most connector in the picture). The 1st DIN-connector to the left is the midi in and the other 5 are the midi out connectors.

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From what I understand you DO NOT want to connect ground to ground via midi, this would be needlessly create a ground loop. By only using the two pins you are completely isolating by the two devices. The ground should be connected on the output end to shield the cable from EMF.