Anyone interested in a noise module?

Hey everyone,

I’m about to send off a JLC order for a white/pink noise module based on the Electric druid datasheet here

All my modules are using custom wooden panels, so I’m not too bothered about designing a panel for it. It did cross my mind however, that if I sell the extra PCBs on tindie/reverb etc, that folks will probably want a panel to go with it. So, before I send my order off, would anyone be interested in buying one(pcb cost+shipping from uk)? If there’s enough interest I’ll make a panel for it, if not, PCB only.

It uses about 8 components, the only ‘rare’ one is the Electric Druid Noise2 which is just a PIC16F18313 - you can get one dead cheap and program it yourself(I’ll try and use my Arduino once the chips arrive)

Kicad files are on github here
Electric Druid info here
Electric Druid chip here
Blank Pic chip here


PCBs now available: