A sort of diy cs-80 modular synth thread and discussion

So, this is a something that I barely hear any talk about and thought it would be interesting to bring some light onto it. So lately I’ve been obsessed with the Yamaha cs-80 and with the Behringer Ds-80 coming out who knows when, I’ve always wanted to have a physical synth just like it and there doesn’t really seem to be any that have the same features and functions like it. I know the best options is the Arturia VST, Deckard’s Dream/Voice, and maybe some other synths with some delay and reverb can get somewhat close to it. And I thought it would be interesting to maybe piece together ideas and features of the cs-80 as sort of DIY projects for all. Whether it is schematics and arduino projects that are capable of polyphonic aftertouch/velocity, filters, vcos, whatever it is would be nice to add onto this thread. I know it’s very vague of what can be contributed, but really any ideas, modules, arduino projects, and/or schematics that can somehow be patches into a way that can get the cs-80 sound would be much appreciated so anyone can pick up and build on their own. So for starters I have two things two throw in. One being an arduino 4 voice polyphonic midi to cv converter I found and another supposed being the schematic to the Old Crow CS-80 filter which supposed is based off, well the cs-80. I will provide links to the video and the service manual for the schematic. Any contributions to the thread would be highly appreciated, and I only hope that this can be a good source for new DIY projects and for those that want a taste at such an iconic synth.



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I’m almost done with the PCB design of the Kosmo Teensy Module (shameless advertisement :wink:). The Teensy 4.1 is easily capable of running 4 polyphonic (with separate filters etc.) voices and more. You may want to combine this with some analogue modules for more interesting sounds, but it should be able to handle what you want. In fact, it might be an interesting project to have an open source CS-80 emulator for the Teensy available!

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