VCF Oberheim SEM clone - by EFM4600

Hello everybody. Meilleurs vœux à tous. Thanks a lot everybody !!

I propose this VCF Oberheim SEM clone.

It was build in Kosmo format and tested. I approved !

I have build my Layout with “DIY Layout Creator”. This file have the complete BOM.
I search an other free soft for build my futurs electronics cards.

TL071 is changed for TL072.
Pots are 100k.
I build with 2Cvin and 2Audio in. (Schematics propose 3cv + 3audio in).
Sorry for ground wires on pots. The pots are reversed.

I’m very satisfied. Just, low gain in BP. Maybe a problem in my electronic card.




Hello everybody.
New version of VCF Oberheim.
It was two bugs on the stripboard.

Now, you can dl the good file.
Jim - Serpet2000 /

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Very interesting!
I just accepted an SEM 8-Voice in for service/restoration in my shop and then I find this post!