Anyone with Product Photography Ambitions/Experience?

Long story short, I’m scaling up my Eurorack module production and I’m in need of some product photography that stores can use. You wouldn’t need to be a professional or anything, just have the ability to take photos that wouldn’t look out of place on Perfect Circuit and the like. Send me a DM if you are prepared to work and get paid in modules :smiley:.


If I had any eurorack at all, I would be all over this.


Well, there’s no time like the present to start a collection. I have a lot of modules coming up and it interacts directly with Kosmo :smiley:


i was good at photography once - no longer. Still, I can’t wait to see your modules.

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I got encouraging results quickly with something like this for about 150 euros from a well known online store…

I managed all “marketing departments” for my wifes website about “paper crafts” once. i can offer limited advice and ecouragement :slight_smile:


If no one steps forward, that’s probably what I’ll do. I’m just so focused on getting the initial batch of the first one built that I would really like someone else to take care of this aspect. Plus, I have extras of a pretty expensive module that doesn’t cost me that much to build.