Add a pot to additional pots on MFOS Wave freaker panel?

So on the black panel version of MFOS WaveFreaker, there are 2 additional pots for stepcv and wave cv, do you use log or linear for cv attenuation . So basically do I hook the pot to the jack and use wiper (middle) to the point on pcb where the jack tip was going to solder in to? Like points X1 and X2 and X12 and X14 on the schematic from MFOS website.

I might of figured it out, maybe?

no still queryish on the appproach, please help me out.

Most people would say linear. A link to the schematic would be helpful!

no schematic to possibly show, these 2 added pots just jacks with indications of x1 and x2 and x12and x14 and yes linear would be the choice. I am adding pots becuse they are on the panel too and just trying to see where they would fit in line to jacks (only) and pcb connections . Thinking 1 ans 3 onpot to tip and ground and 2 da wiper to ckt board connections as mentioned above. Tahnks for the reply.